High School Programs

Photo © Carolina Kroon

Morningside Center works flexibly to meet the needs of schools. For more information, please contact us



Restore360 creates a sense of community among students, builds their social and emotional skills, and provides a positive alternative to punitive discipline policies that can lead to suspension.

Resolving Conflict Creatively Program (RCCP) 
Founded by Morningside Center and the NYC Department of Education in 1985, the RCCP is one of the nation’s oldest and most effective school-based conflict resolution programs. 

Peer Mediation and Student Leadership  
Through our peer mediation programs, selected young people learn foundation skills in nonviolent communication, and then master a specific step-by-step mediation process. 

Morningside Center helps schools create a program tailored to its needs and provides a customized curriculum for advisories as well as professional development for advisory teachers.

Pathways to Respect 
Our research-based Pathways to Respect Program takes a whole-school approach to countering bullying and building community. 

Parent Workshops

Our parent workshops help parents develop their social and emotional skills and strengthen their relationships with their children.