Pathways to Respect

Photo © Carolina Kroon


Morningside Center's Pathways to Respect program helps schools eliminate bullying and create a school culture based on respect.  The program is based on the pioneering research of Dan Olweus, Professor of Psychology at the University of Bergen, Norway, who is acknowledged as the world’s leading authority on bullying. It also builds on Morningside Center’s Resolving Conflict Creatively Program and our 4Rs Program (Reading, Writing, Respect & Resolution).

Pathways to Respect increases awareness and understanding of bullying and develops skills that enable students and adults to confront it effectively. The program takes a whole-school approach, with interventions on three levels:                

  • Level 1 is school wide.  Steps include:
    (1) forming a “school climate committee” that leads and oversees the entire program
    (2) administering a student survey to determine the extent of the problem and when and where bullying occurs
    (3) improving supervision in areas where bullying occurs
    (4) implementing clear rules and sanctions about bullying, and
    (5) making presentations and workshops for parents and staff to acquaint them with the anti-bullying program, get their feedback, and engage them in supporting it.
  • Level II is the classroom.  Teachers guide students through a curriculum aimed at increasing understanding of bullying, fostering empathy for targets of bullying, and engaging bystanders as allies in standing up to bullying and building a positive school community. Schools receive Learning Kits with the key tools teachers need to teach the course, including teaching guides, student literature, and for Pathways to Respect for Middle School, a video. The Teaching Guide uses literature, a video, discussion, and a variety of interactive activities to engage the students.
  • Level III is the individual.  It includes:
    (1) counseling for students being targeted by bullies and for their parents or guardians and
    (2) “serious talks” with bullies and their parents or guardians.


For more information, please contact Lillian Castro, Morningside Center’s director of administration, at 212.870.3318 x33 or by email at