Restore360 helps schools honor and elevate the humanity and dignity of each child through restorative practices. The program has been introduced in hundreds of New York City public schools. Restore360 helps all members of the school community:

  • Strengthen their sense of connection with each other, creating a more positive school climate
  • Bolster their social and emotional skills and their cultural fluency
  • Develop skills to resolve conflicts and problems in a restorative way rather than a punitive way
  • Increase equity by reducing suspensions and the disproportionate use of suspensions

How it works

Morningside Center provides training, coaching, and tailored support to help schools make the shift to restorative practices:

  • Educators receive training and school-based coaching to help them facilitate daily or weekly restorative circles. Restore360 provides circle facilitators (keepers) with a social and emotional skill-building curriculum that draws from Morningside Center's evidence-based SEL programs. By investing in building community and skills, schools can prevent many harmful acts from occurring.  
  • School staff receive training and coaching in social and emotional learning (SEL) and in restorative practices. Staff engage in courageous conversations  about race to become more aware of implicit and explicit barriers to creating an equitable learning environment for all young people. Staff learn how to use restorative interventions to address situations in which harm has been done, creating an alternative to punitive discipline. Through this process, the person who caused the harm meets with the person who was harmed, together with other members of the community. Under the guidance of a skilled facilitator, they explore the impact of the harmful action and decide together how to heal the harm and restore the community.
  • Principals and their planning teams get support for rethinking school discipline policies to ensure that they are aligned with SEL and restorative approaches, helped by a facilitator and detailed guide.
  • Parents and all members of the school community are supported in using restorative practices.


In an independent evaluation of the program, teachers reported that students participating in Restore360 were more likely to resolve disagreements without fighting; more collaborative during lessons; more likely to stand up for others; and less likely to behave in ways that lead to detention or suspension.

Suspensions dropped an average of 43% and incidents of disruptive behavior dropped by 44% in schools that have received any Restore360 coaching. In schools with three or more years of Restore360 coaching, suspensions dropped by 68%, disruptive incidents dropped by 62% and graduation rates improved, especially for low-income students.

More information

Morningside Center works flexibly to meet the needs of schools. For more information, please contact us.