Looking for Activities to Close the Year?

Now’s a good time to help students take stock of what’s happened in the year, appreciate the community you’ve created together, and look forward to next year.

Here's a roundup of activities we suggest for students of all ages.


Group Reflections to End the School Year (elementary, middle, high)

Students reflect on the way their advisory or class has worked together and consider the values that are most important to them as a group now and going forward.

Activities to Close the School Year (elementary, middle)

Five activities use different methodologies to help you and your students reflect on the year and look ahead to next year: a circle, journaling, a group web-weaving activity, charting hopes and expectations, and sending a postcard to yourself for next year.

A Circle to End the Year (elementary, middle, high)

Students look back on the school year through a guided visualization, circle, and community-building activity. 

A Poem to Reflect on the Year (middle, high)

Students read and discuss a poem and their experiences over the past year, and consider things they've learned or goals they want to set for the coming year.