Laura McClure

Laura McClure is Morningside Center's Director of Fundraising and Communications. She is also the editor and co-founder of our website of teacher resources, TeachableMoment.Org.  She has been on staff at Morningside Center since 1990.

In addition to her work at Morningside Center, Laura has written for and edited a wide range of publications.

Recent posts by Laura

Confederate Monuments and the 'Searing Truth'
Teachable Moment Lesson
Posted on: May. 29, 2017


To the teacher:

In April and May 2017, after much debate, the city of New Orleans removed four prominent Confederate monuments that had stood as symbols of white supremacy in that city for 133 years. This lesson uses speeches by New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu and City... Read more

Roleplay: Immigration fiction and fact
Teachable Moment Lesson
Posted on: Feb. 1, 2017

To the teacher: 

This activity includes two roleplays in which the players argue about immigration –and make a number of false or questionable claims along the way. After the roleplays, students read a fact sheet and reconsider the roleplay arguments in light... Read more

Trump inaugurated, women & allies march
Teachable Moment Lesson
Posted on: Jan. 22, 2017


Several historic events have happened over the past... Read more

Morningside Center selected for i3 award to advance equity in schools
Blog post
Posted on: Nov. 11, 2016


We are thrilled to announce that Morningside Center has been selected to receive a federal Investing in Innovation (i3) grant of $3 million. Our proposal for a “Whole School Restorative Practices Project” was one of 15 selected among the 385 proposals received by the federal... Read more

After police shootings: Acknowledging our feelings, moving to action
Teachable Moment Lesson
Posted on: Jul. 9, 2016

To the Teacher 

Many of us are reeling from events in the news over the past week. These include the police shootings of two Black men -- Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on July 5 and Philando Castile in Falcon Heights, Minnesota, on July 6 – and the... Read more