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Marieke has worked in the field of cultural exchange, interfaith dialogue, conflict transformation, violence prevention and human rights for 20 years. She holds a double Masters in Cultural Anthropology and International Relations from the University of Amsterdam, with a specialization in group identity and inter-group relations. 

As program director, facilitator and educator, she has designed, implemented and supervised hundreds of trainings, dialogues and related programs that raise awareness, promote understanding and empower diverse groups of people to make positive change in their own lives and that of their communities. Marieke works across the globe with groups of all ages.

Marieke joined Morningside Center as a staff developer in 2006.  As a trainer and coach, she works in schools across the city to help create more conducive teaching and learning environments.  She is also a regular contributor to TeachableMoment and writes curricula that engage students (pre-K-12) in establishing positive connections and building their social and emotional skills.  
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Intersectionality: What Is It? How Can It Help Us?
Teachable Moment Lesson
Posted on: Jan. 28, 2018

To the Teacher:

Feminism was Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year for 2017.  The dictionary’s definition of feminism is twofold:

1. “the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes”

2. “... Read more

Farmworkers Fight Abuse - and Win
Teachable Moment Lesson
Posted on: Jan. 19, 2018


Invite students to stand up if the following statements apply to them. If your students are differently abled, consider doing this activity by inviting students to raise their hand or find another way for all students to be able to participate in this activity. ... Read more

Feminism in 2017
Teachable Moment Lesson
Posted on: Jan. 1, 2018

To the Teacher:

This activity uses tweets to have students consider some of the events that put feminism on the front burner in 2017 – from the women’s march to the #MeToo movement.

Consider following up the lesson with discussion of some of the issues raised,... Read more

#MeToo: It’s About Power
Teachable Moment Lesson
Posted on: Dec. 26, 2017


To the teacher: Background

This activity uses tweets, readings, and small-group discussion to help students grapple with the #MeToo movement, and how it relates to the power – or lack of power – of women. Use the background information below to... Read more

Cultivating Compassion for Puerto Rico's 'Climate Refugees'
Teachable Moment Lesson
Posted on: Dec. 3, 2017


In pairs, ask students to share something that makes them feel “at home.”  Ask a few volunteers to share with the full group.


Check Agenda and Objectives

Explain that in today’s lesson we... Read more