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Photo © Carolina Kroon
Photo © Carolina Kroon
Photo © Carolina Kroon
Photo © Carolina Kroon

Learning from the Inside Out

“As adults, we often take control when it comes to “disciplinary” interventions: We tell kids how to fix things. We decide on consequences for their actions without too much listening or conversation. Yes, it’s quick, but it usually doesn’t allow us to get to the bottom of things.” 

In her latest In the Circle blogpost, our trainer Marieke van Woerkom shares the story of how one student came to understand the impact of his bullying without any lectures from adults.  

'Testing for Joy & Grit?' I don't think so.

"Offering extrinsic rewards is a form of expecting the worst of people. Its flip side is punishment: The idea that the only reason people won't do something horrible is fear of sanction."

Read the rest of our article, originally in Education Week, here. 

Video: Positive Alternatives to Suspensions

Morningside Center Deputy Executive Director Tala Manassah talks about alternatives to suspending kids in early childhood education at the Albert Shanker Institute: "Suspensions are not only ineffective, they're immoral. A suspension means that we are saying to the kid, 'You are not part of this community anymore. You are not wanted.' If there are kids who are outside the reach of schools, then schools have got to change." 

Morningside Center in the news: