Photo © Carolina Kroon
Photo © Carolina Kroon
Photo © Carolina Kroon
Photo © Carolina Kroon


Video: Positive Alternatives to Suspensions

Morningside Center Deputy Executive Director Tala Manassah talks about alternatives to suspending kids in early childhood education at the Albert Shanker Institute: "Suspensions are not only ineffective, they're immoral. A suspension means that we are saying to the kid, 'You are not part of this community anymore. You are not wanted.' If there are kids who are outside the reach of schools, then schools have got to change." 

The Talking Piece: A Story

Much of the power of the circle process resides in the talking piece – the object that we pass in order from person to person around the circle as we invite each person to speak or to pass. Morningside Center senior trainer Marieke van Woerkom answers some of the questions she often gets about the talking piece by telling a story, in her latest In the Circle blogpost.


'I feel like a free person'

Our Diversity Panel Program "helps kids who have been teased or excluded to understand that it’s not just their personal problem. It breaks the isolation they feel by helping them understand that this is happening to so many of us. And to see that we can do something about it.”  See our brand new video about the program, and find out more on our blog! 

Restore360's Dramatic Results

Suspensions have "dropped significantly" at Manhattan's Landmark High School, according to principal Caron Pinkus. And there are fewer fights at the school. She credits the restorative practices her school has been implementing through Morningside Center’s Restore360 Program. Is Landmark's experience the exception or the rule?  We delved into the NYC Department of Education's suspension data to find the answer. Read more.


WNYC features a Restore360 School

WNYC’s Beth Fertig report on the spread of restorative practices in NYC's public schools featured the progress at the Expeditionary Learning School for Community Leaders, which is  part of Morningside Center’s Restore360 Program.  Principal David O’Hara, reported that his "in-school suspensions have since gone down considerably, cut by more than 40 percent in the past year alone....Staffers say that’s largely because they and the students have gotten on board. Twelve students have already been trained as peer mediators, a selective process that takes several months, and 15 more have signed up.”  

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