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In the Circle: Quiet Participation

"Our students have plenty of people in their lives talking to them or at them, far fewer people who practice listening.  They have a need to be heard into speaking." Read staff developer Marieke van Woerkom's latest blogpost.

The teachable moment we're in 

Ever since the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, teachers have been encouraging their students to share their feelings and thoughts, discuss, and learn more about what's in and behind the news.

CBS News crew captured students who are part of our Restore360 program at Brooklyn Collaborative HS as they talked passionately about these issues. 

We are also helping teachers address students' perceptions and the underlying issues through the TeachableMoment section of our website (as this AP story about teaching on Ferguson recently noted). At least two school districts - in Washington DC and Madison, WI - have used our TM materials as the basis for teacher guides on discussing this subject.

See our collected lessons on Garner and Brown here. If you do use TeachableMoment to teach on Ferguson or anything else, please take a few minutes to tell us how we can improve our lessons by taking this 6-question mini-survey. And please support this work!

Morningside Center in the news: