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Improving Classroom Climate with SEL
A Morningside Center webinar

In this one-hour webinar hosted by the AFT’s Share My Lesson, Morningside Center Senior Program Manager Kristin Valdes shares concrete social and emotional learning strategies teachers can use to improve the classroom climate. The presentation uses footage from classrooms implementing our 4Rs Program (Reading, Writing, Respect & Resolution).  Note: This webinar uses Flash, and is best viewed on a computer rather than a mobile device. When viewing the webinar, be sure that the windows for “media player” and “slides” are open on the page. If they’re not, click on the appropriate icons at the bottom of the page.

Have questions about circles? Ask the Keeper.

How do I handle disruptive behavior in a circle? What can I do when painful issues come up? In our Ask the Keeper blog, our senior restorative circles trainer answers your questions about the powerful but challenging practice of circle-keeping.

SEL Tips: Ideas you can use in your classroom every day.

Social & emotional learning strategies aren’t just for SEL class or advisory! See our SEL Tips blog for easy-to-integrate, practical ideas on everything from crafting lasting resolutions to anger triggers to put-ups. 

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Morningside Center receives i3 award to advance equity in schools

We are thrilled to announce that Morningside Center has received a federal Investing in Innovation (i3) grant.  "The i3 grant will enable us to create a powerful and practical set of tools and strategies educators can use to honor and elevate the humanity and dignity of each child, every day," says Morningside Center Deputy Executive Director Tala Manassah. Read more.


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