Classroom Lessons

Classroom Lessons


Our Identities & Transgender Identities

Students consider their own identities and hear the voices of transgender people discussing their different identities, as well as challenges they face.


Transgender People & Bathroom Access

Students learn the definition of "transgender," discuss the controversy over ensuring safe access to bathrooms for transgender people, and consider ways they can be allies or upstanders for transgender students. 


A Battle over Healthcare

Students learn about and discuss the debate over Obamacare, a Republican plan to replace it, and single-payer health insurance. 


What are unions and why are they under attack?

With Republicans gaining control of all three branches of the federal government, unions are under increasing attack. For students, this raises some pertinent questions: What are unions? Why are they important? And how will the attack on unions affect working people in our country?


Teach Women's History Month!

Looking for engaging activities for Women’s History Month? Here’s our collection!


Russian Controversy

Students discuss key issues in the evolving story over links between the Trump administration and Russia with a short quiz, reading, and discussion.


Frederick Douglass and the Importance of History

In this lesson, students will reflect on the value of knowing American history, practice their research and writing skills, and learn more about the abolitionist Frederick Douglass. 


Nonviolent Protest and the Beloved Community

This lesson explores how, historically and today, love combined with nonviolent action has helped people fight injustice and work towards what Dr. King referred to as  “the beloved community.”


Presidential Conflicts of Interest

Questions loom over whether President Donald Trump can avoid conflicts between his business interests and the interest of the people he represents. In two readings and discussion, students consider how past presidents have tried to prevent conflicts of interest, how Trump has addressed this concern, and challenges Trump is already facing over potential conflicts.


DeVos and a Controversy over Public Education

Students learn about and consider arguments for and against the appointment of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos through a quick quiz, student reading, small group work and discussion.