Classroom Lessons

Classroom Lessons


The 'Why' of Puerto Rico's Predicament

President Trump tweeted that Puerto Rico has "only itself to blame" for the financial crisis that plagued the island even before Hurricane Maria struck. This lesson explores that crisis and its causes with a quiz, reading, discussion, and extension activities. 


Puerto Rico: Finding Our Best Way to Help

Students hear the performance of Lin-Manuel Miranda's song "Almost Like Praying," a benefit for the people of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria devastated the island. Students discuss the song, see a video about how others have responded to the ongoing crisis in Puerto Rico, and consider how they might use their own talents and strengths to help.


Athletes protest racial inequality: Exploring views

In this activity, students discuss widespread protests by NFL and other athletes against racial injustice, consider tweets for and against these protests, and discuss how one group of high school athletes decided to act. 


After the storms, a look at ‘climate injustice’

This lesson has students look at the devastating impact of Hurricane Maria on Puerto Rico, and consider how around the world, people with the fewest resources are most at risk from climate change.


What happened to the repeal of Obamacare?

Students learn some facts about our healthcare system,and discuss Republicans' unsuccessful efforts (so far) to roll back Obamacare. The activity includes a quiz, review of key concepts, reading and discussion.


Sharing in the wake of Hurricane Maria & other natural disasters

This activity uses a circle to help students process the many disasters that have struck people around the world in the summer and fall of 2017. It includes a more extended process about the post-Hurricane crisis in Puerto Rico.


Voter fraud? Or voter suppression?

Critics charge that the real goal of a new federal commission to investigate voter fraud is to justify efforts to make it more difficult for people of color to vote.  Students learn about and discuss the controversy.


Debating the Fate of DACA

In two readings and discussion, students explore the meaning and history of DACA, including the social movement activism that won DACA during the Obama years and prospects for future action.


Discussing DACA

In this activity, students watch a video about responses to the Trump administration’s decision to roll back this Obama-era program, which has allowed young undocumented  immigrants to stay in the country. Students then read and discuss a variety of opinions about the decision.


Labor Struggles, Now & Then

After a short quiz about current Fight for 15 movement, students read about and discuss U.S. labor's struggles — and historic strikes — through history.