Classroom Lessons

Classroom Lessons


Sexual Harassment Charges Bring Down Bill O'Reilly

What led to the firing of Bill O'Reilly, Fox News' top host? Students explore the issue with a quiz, reading, and discussion.


The Rise of the Alt-Right in U.S. Politics

Students learn about and discuss the alt-right, its relationship to the Trump administration, and online cultures of hate. 


Trump's Military Budget

President Trump's federal budget plan would greatly increase military spending, and slash spending for other programs. Students explore the budget with a quiz, readings, and discussion.


Indivisible and the Tea Party: Holding Elected Officials Accountable

Democracy doesn't begin and end in the voting booth. In readings and discussion, students explore tactics people are using to pressure their elected officials, including the Tea Party on the right and Indivisible groups on the left. 


Teenage Transgender Voices


Students hear and discuss the words of a group of trans teens, see a video of them speaking to their future selves, and consider what obstacles transgender teens face. 


Our Identities & Transgender Identities

Students consider their own identities and hear the voices of transgender people discussing their different identities, as well as challenges they face.


Transgender People & Bathroom Access

Students learn the definition of "transgender," discuss the controversy over ensuring safe access to bathrooms for transgender people, and consider ways they can be allies or upstanders for transgender students. 


A Battle over Healthcare

Students learn about and discuss the debate over Obamacare, a Republican plan to replace it, and single-payer health insurance. 


What are unions and why are they under attack?

With Republicans gaining control of all three branches of the federal government, unions are under increasing attack. For students, this raises some pertinent questions: What are unions? Why are they important? And how will the attack on unions affect working people in our country?


Teach Women's History Month!

Looking for engaging activities for Women’s History Month? Here’s our collection!