Classroom Lessons

Classroom Lessons

Australians stand up to anti-Muslim bias with a hashtag

After a siege in a Sydney, Australia cafe by a self-described Islamic cleric, Australian Muslims feared a backlash.  But Australians of all backgrounds responded instead with an act of solidarity through Twitter. Students learn about the news and the response, and consider how they might stand up for someone being targeted.

Our lessons on Garner and Brown, collected

Our lessons and guidelines on Michael Brown and Eric Garner have been used in schools across the country. Here they are, all in one place.

Mexico: missing students ignite a movement

Massive student-led protests have erupted in Mexico against government corruption and the state’s failure to protect its citizens from widespread gang violence. In this lesson, students learn what sparked the protests and discuss the wider issues behind them. 

What to do? Examining 6 proposals in the wake of Garner and Brown

This lesson includes two parts. In Part 1, students review the facts about the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases.  In Part 2, students break into small groups to discuss six different proposals that have been made to address injustices related to these incidents.

Mini-Survey: How can these lessons better help you?

Take our super-quick 6 question survey so that we can make TeachableMoment lessons better for you.  Tell us what activies you like, what you don't, and what you'd like to see more of.

Staten Island & Ferguson: Considering the responses

Students consider a range of responses to the police killings of Eric Garner and Michael Brown. 

Teaching about Controversial or Difficult Issues

These guidelines provide helpful suggestions for discussing upsetting issues such as the decision by a Staten Island jury not to indict  the police officer who killed Eric Garner.

A Circle on Events in Ferguson

In this circle activity, students share their thoughts and feelings about events in Ferguson and reflect on a quote about protest from Martin Luther King Jr.

Suggestions for Discussing the news from Ferguson

In this brief activity, students share their thoughts and feelings about the grand jury's decision not to indict the police officer who killed unarmed black teen Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.