Classroom Lessons

Classroom Lessons

We’ve added a new feature to TeachableMoment: Teachable Instant. These short activities (5-15 minutes) aim to get your students talking about a topic in the news or on the calendar. We’ll have a new one ready for you by Monday morning of each school week.


Nail Salon Workers & the Real Cost of a Manicure

An investigative report by the New York Times uncovered the deplorable—and frequently illegal—conditions faced by employees at nail salons. This lesson has students consider different points of view on the subject, and how they, and consumers in general, should respond.


Teachable Instant: Tsarnaev & the Death Penalty

Through a quiz and brief discussion, students consider Tsarnaev's death sentence and growing opposition to capital punishment. 


Teachable Instant: Chicago makes amends for police violence

Chicago decided on May 6, 2015, to provide reparations for its history of brutal police abuse, after decades of organizing by activists. This brief classroom activity uses two quotes to help students consider the news and its implications.


Freddie Gray and the Protests in Baltimore

Through quotes, photos, and video, students explore responses to Freddie Gray's death while in Baltimore police custody, and the protests that followed.


Teachable Instant: Latest presidential candidates

Students dip into the 2016 presidential race with a brief look at the two latest contenders to announce: Senators Marco Rubio and Bernie Sanders.


Exploration: A raise for low-wage workers

In this lesson, high school students examine the demographics of fast food and other low-wage workers, learn more about minimum wage and consider different points of view about increasing it, and explore their own opinions about minimum wage and what low-wage employees need. Time needed for lesson: 45 minutes


Teachable Instant: Hot debate over Trans-Pacific Partnership

This short (15-minute) classroom activity uses a 2-minute video and discussion to explore the growing controversy over the Trans-Pacific Partnership 12-nation trade agreement. 


Considering our Responses to an Assault

This activity is based on an attack on one girl by several others at a McDonald's restaurant in Brooklyn. It uses a circle format to help students consider possible helpful responses to such an incident.


Can Americans Break Their Dependency on Cars?

In two readings and discussion, students think critically about the connection between cars and climate change, and compare U.S. transportation systems with those of Europe, where people rely less on cars.