Classroom Lessons

Classroom Lessons


Are you worried about your internet privacy?

Both government agencies and private companies have extensive access to data about us. In this activity, students learn about challenges to our digital privacy and discuss their own views about the risks we take when we put information online.


Why Pay Taxes? And Who Benefits from “Tax Reform”?

The Republicans have introduced one of the largest tax overhaul plans in many years. In this lesson, students consider what taxes do and why Americans pay them; and examine the Republicans' proposed tax reform and how analysts are projecting it will affect the country. 


Tax Reform & Wealth Inequality

Critics say Republican tax proposals will increase economic inequality. This activity has students explore the current state of U.S. wealth inequality through a quiz, reading, an activity and discussion.


Environments that encourage harassment - and how to change them

In this activity, students consider, together and in small groups, what kind of environment allows sexual harassment and abuse to persist -  and what we can do to challenge such an environment.


Confronting the Threat of Nuclear War

Threats by Donald Trump and by North Korea have stoked worries about nuclear war. In this lesson, students learn about the work of International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, and about past social movement campaigns that have worked to avert war and promote nuclear disarmament.


Harvey Weinstein & the Culture of Silence

This activity uses a circle format to engage students in sharing their thoughts and reactions to the Weinstein case, using tweets from a variety of sources. A backgrounder and optional student reading helps inform the discussion.


The 'Why' of Puerto Rico's Predicament

President Trump tweeted that Puerto Rico has "only itself to blame" for the financial crisis that plagued the island even before Hurricane Maria struck. This lesson explores that crisis and its causes with a quiz, reading, discussion, and extension activities. 


Puerto Rico: Finding Our Best Way to Help

Students hear the performance of Lin-Manuel Miranda's song "Almost Like Praying," a benefit for the people of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria devastated the island. Students discuss the song, see a video about how others have responded to the ongoing crisis in Puerto Rico, and consider how they might use their own talents and strengths to help.


Athletes protest racial inequality: Exploring views

In this activity, students discuss widespread protests by NFL and other athletes against racial injustice, consider tweets for and against these protests, and discuss how one group of high school athletes decided to act. 


After the storms, a look at ‘climate injustice’

This lesson has students look at the devastating impact of Hurricane Maria on Puerto Rico, and consider how around the world, people with the fewest resources are most at risk from climate change.