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Social & Emotional Learning & Restorative Practices
Current Issues
Current Issues
Tips and Ideas
Tips & Ideas

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Oct 24, 2016

This activity has students step into the shoes of voters whose views they may not agree with - and roleplay a dialogue.

Oct 22, 2016

We've experimented with different circle sizes, and I believe there is such a thing as too big a circle. What do you think is an ideal size for circles? 

Oct 21, 2016

Students consider how the Republican and Democratic Parties have evolved over time — and whether a new 'realignment' is happening today.  

Oct 16, 2016

After a quick quiz, students learn about the candidates' tax proposals and discuss our nation's complex and contentious tax policies.   

Oct 11, 2016

Updated: The presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on October 9, 2016, raised some important but difficult issues about sexism and sexual assault. In this

Oct 10, 2016

Using tweets, video and a poster, students review the history of the Black Lives Matter movement, consider criticisms of it, and examine the movement's policy goals.   

Oct 07, 2016

This is our third year using circles as part of our middle school after-school program. We've had some powerful experiences in circles and it's really helped strengthen our

Oct 02, 2016

Are the candidates telling the truth? Students learn tips for fact-checking and research campaign issues they're most interested in.  

Sep 25, 2016

NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick has added momentum to a remarkable wave of protests by athletes against racial injustice and police killings. Students discuss tweets about the

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Apr 20, 2017

Students learn about and discuss the alt-right, its relationship to the Trump administration, and online cultures of hate.   

Apr 18, 2017

Once your students have identified their personal anger triggers, have them share those triggers with each other. This can foster empathy, increase students' awareness of

Apr 01, 2017

President Trump's federal budget plan would greatly increase military spending, and slash spending for other programs. Students explore the budget with a quiz, readings, and

Apr 01, 2017

Democracy doesn't begin and end in the voting booth. In readings and discussion, students explore tactics people are using to pressure their elected officials, including the Tea

Mar 27, 2017

  Students hear and discuss the words of a group of trans teens, see a video of them speaking to their future selves, and consider what obstacles transgender teens face.   

Mar 24, 2017

Students consider their own identities and hear the voices of transgender people discussing their different identities, as well as challenges they face.